Please don’t tempt my heart again

Fault lines formed ages ago

Am not sure it can withstand the burden

Love please don’t

Please don’t tempt my heart again

This rythm,this song

I know it sounds familiar

My heart warms up

Yet I pray please don’t tempt my heart again

The pain left behind

After seconds of joy last forever

I see that one day, maybe just maybe

But please don’t tempt my heart again

The cracks have gone deeper

They have taken longer

Healing has long departed

Please, please ,I pray ,don’t tempt my heart.

Plain trial

My hands tremble a bit

I take in a breath

Today I hold council

So I hold my heart at arm’s length

Today my heart is on trial

I want some answers

Some solid real answers

So the trial begins

My first question leaves my lips

“I wanna know why you beat

The beat you beat for the wrong person?”

My heart has set eyes on someone

Now all it does is beat for that someone

What I wanna know is why

Why choose this person

It’s like running after ones shadow

Watching from the sidelines hurts

So I ask again why fall?

Why fall for the wrong person

Knowing it’s gonna hurt all the way down?

Why not chose the one that choose you

Why long for someone

Someone with eyes only for another?

So the trial continues

My heart bleeds for all it knows

Sure it knows of pain and more pain

Wishing and hoping one day

One day the stars align

So as the one it wishes for

Wishes for the same thing

Tired of chasing his own shadow

And I tired of hiding from my own

Secrets deep within

They say still waters run deep

Just how deep does yours run?

A ripple causes a wave

A wave disturbs the peace of the still waters

Yes! I know long did the ripple occur

Now we live in the storm

When we achieve our stillness

Will the water remain the same?

Or will one more secret lie deep within

For only the waters to know?

I remain silent and watch

Like a sponge,I take it all in

Yet there is a limit to everything

And soon the cliff will come upon us

Do we jump or do we not?

Borderline insanity

The boardeline between sanity and insanity

The invisible line once crossed

The one without a reset button

One never knows how or when

Until it’s too late.

You look back at the dead

You look back at the scars

Look back at the terror in kids hearts

The line of insults they can’t unlearn

The things they can’t unsee

Before you slap a woman

Throw in a few punches and kicks

First find out if she is meant for it

Is a woman a punching bag?

Are small kids fellow sex offenders

Do they deserve what you serve them?

Does their future deserve wiping out?

Do permanent scars inflicted get a channel.

Or the threats upon their lives

Are those also a joke?

Today a family of three is gone

Buried without honor in a shallow grave

Heinous act served by their own flesh and blood

Did someone let the devil free?

Oh! I forgot we are on the end times

Humanity long gone

Now those who don’t give life

Deem it right to take it by force

If this are end times

Then God please come,it’s more than we can take

It’s more than humanity can take!

Under the stars

I saw a shooting star

And thought of you

Of the evenings that we would walk

Of the rains we braved

Just to be together

I know we are over

It’s been a long time

Just wanted to let you know I miss you

When the moon is brightest

I think of only you

I remember the day you told

Me of all your dreams to save the world

The memories I can write of

Too many to open a library

Maybe two or three more

But today I want you to know

Under the stars I still miss you.

Once more

The fear in your eyes

They say more than your lips

Will say in a lifetime

The boundaries holding your world together

No one can touch them

So when I said Hi

You looked really tired

That this is just another dead end

You don’t even try to smile

Because you gave up long ago

They told you the scars were ugly

They’d had no idea the open wounds

They don’t know how deep they cut

That each morning is a struggle

You hide behind the visible scars

The struggle to get up out of bed

The struggle to face the unforgiving faces

The whispers as you walked out past them

It’s written all over your face

But you’d rather face them than the demons inside

Those that show up during darkness

Those that you fight just to get an ounce of peace

Live has beaten you to the ground

Nowadays the thought of that word

Leaves a sour taste on you mouth

So when I said Hi!

I was not offering judgement

Nor an easy way out either

I was offering you a stepping stone

One that would lift you above all

One that would put you above your pain

That would put the demons to shame

I was offering you a chance

To see the shinning rays of the sun

And let it warm your chilled heart

That once more you can feel the breeze

Of the warm wind against your skin

Once more you may look at the mirror

And see a warrior, an overcomer.

So once more I offer you my back

Please use it as a stepping stone

Let the cobwebs melt on

Let the walls melt away

And know that higher up their is fresh air

Fresh air for your burdened lungs

Let the light spill over onto the darkness

Let the wind blow through your hair

Let the smile you hide

Lift the corners of your lips and reach your eyes.

Tears of long gone

Long has our path parted

Long has the grass grown

It feels like it was only yesterday

That I held your hand

Long are the days gone

When I walked you down the road

Long are the days gone

when your laughter rang across the valley

It feels like only yesterday

You were with me

A bright future ahead

Plans of how our lives would spent

Long before the sad news

Your illness sprang a joke on us

And you were the only one laughing

Despite the seriousness of the doctor

When you said goodbye

That your time was up

That for sure your work was done

I could not let go no matter what.

Now your memories only bring tears

The ring of laughter long gone

Brings a smile to my tired face

So tears yes! But tears of joy

Joy of all the days we had

Tears for all the moments we spent

Tears of hope to meet again

Tears of knowing you in a better place.

My heartache

Today I woke up

And found the storm in my cup

Only that it wasn’t in my cup

Neither was it in my bowl

This storm am talking about

Makes me feel dizzy

It makes my heart ache

It refuses to stay outside

Instead it migrates inside

Where no light can reach

My heart’s gravity is amiss

I think it shifted a bit

I feel the pain

But only from a distance

This storm finds a place

Place in my mind

The hollow that can’t fill

This storm stirs up the cup

The cup in my mind,heart,soul!

It leaves disaster in it’s wake

This storm I talk about

Leaves no stone unturned

Makes my insides feel outside

And my right feel wrong.

Butterfly portrait

Do you ever imagine

A butterfly knows of it’s beauty

Those gentle flapping wings

Do they imagine of their beauty?

The effect on it’s environment?

Or is it just busy finding nectar!

So I look at you

With your flawless nature

So ignorant of the effect of your smile

All mankind hold their breath

Just to wish for a minute

Be graced by your fleeting smile

Those granted beauty

Always know of it’s existence

But you, don’t even notice

Stares aboard all humanity

Each step you take

Nations fall unbeknown of the cause

All wish for thine attention

Thus jealousy of those begotted

Such an honor to grace your existence

If you were a portrait, Monalisa type

Nations would go to war

Just to claim your ownership

Beauty intertwined in innocence

Dipped in the fragrance of kindness

A heart full of charity

So just like a a butterfly

Fly gracefully from flower to flower

But forever remain portrait worthy